Latest Louisiana Oil Pipeline Rupture, Photos; #NoDAPL

Yesterday, I flew over the latest pipeline leak on the Louisiana Gulf Coast and took plenty of footage to document the damage. The scene out there is pretty nasty and reminiscent of the 2010 BP disaster, though much smaller in scale. My flight was sponsored by and piloted by the incredibly skilled Lance Rydberg.

South Louisiana continues to get ravaged by pipeline and other leaks. The latest came in the form of an estimated  5,250-gallon crude oil leak on Chenier Ronquille, a barrier island on the edge of Bay Long in southern Barataria Bay. The incident was allegedly caused by a contractor working on a restoration project aimed at restoring the effects of, well, the BP disaster. Apparently heavy equipment operated by Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. accidentally cut through the pipeline owned by Harvest Pipeline Company, an affiliate of Hilcorp Energy. You may recall that Hilcorp was responsible for another nasty pipeline leak just a few weeks ago in Lake Grande Ecaille, also part of Barataria Bay. It’s now being reported that at least 200 oiled birds have been spotted.

As I was flying over this leak I kept thinking about the struggle going on in North Dakota where the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is desperately fighting to halt construction of a section of oil pipeline out of fear the pipeline could contaminate its drinking water and sacred lands. Having witnessed and documented countless pipeline and other oil leaks here in the Gulf Region, I stand firmly with the hundreds of protesters in their struggle to prevent this from ever happening on their sacred lands. Over the years and on several occasions, I have been asked by Native American tribes from around the nation to take healing ashes given to me by the tribes and to drop them into the Gulf, which I have done from planes and boats. I’m not sure if this will help in the fight going on now up there, but I offer these images and any footage I have to those tribes currently fighting in North Dakota to use as evidence that oil pipelines are a major threat to our water and every thing we hold sacred.

Here are some ways you can help Stop the dakota Access Pipeline:

Jonathan Henderson, Vanishing Earth

All images © 2016 Jonathan Henderson


All images © 2016 Jonathan Henderson

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