Children Unknowingly Playing on Beach Full of (Likely) BP Oil

Watching tiny children swim in the water and roll around in the sand where toxic tar balls are present is infuriating. That’s what I found earlier this week at Grand Isle State Park on a routine watchdogging trip. Ridiculous! There were no signs to warn their parents who so happened to be also barefoot in the water catching fish. The family didn’t speak English so hopefully they got the picture while observing me collecting samples, pointing, gesturing and taking pictures. I didn’t have time to find out as I still had miles and miles and several other hot spots to check out. I filed a report with the National Response Center and spoke with the Coast Guard Incident Management Division.  Hopefully, that helps. Here are some photos:


Jonathan Henderson, Vanishing Earth

One response to “Children Unknowingly Playing on Beach Full of (Likely) BP Oil

  1. good luck with your reporting of this; we reported these tar balls on our beach in ocean springs, ms at late as 6 weeks ago and have yet to receive a response from any agency.

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