Unseen Video of Shell’s Gulf Oil Leak


It’s been brought to our attention that Shell has discontinued skimming operations of the PURPORTED 88k gallons of oil it leaked into the Gulf. According to the Coast Guard, the skimming has been concluded due to “no visible recoverable oil being found by either aerial or surface assets”. Yet, recent overflight observations by Vanishing Earth and On Wings of Care showed far more recoverable oil than the paltry response was capable of handling and it is hard to believe that much has changed in such a short period of time. And, as On Wings of Care points out in their analysis (see link below), the actual amount of oil out there seems much greater than the amount reported by Shell and the Coast Guard. We mentioned in our initial report on Shell’s leak that industry routinely underestimates the amount of oil discharged so as to minimize the public backlash as well as liability. Go figure.

Sick of these spills? Take action here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/689/336/066/

See below for several new, short  video clips captured last Saturday by Vanishing Earth of Shell’s oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, click the links below for updates by some of our allies as well as some of the limited media coverage of this leak.

.Mic: Shell spills nearly 90,000 gallons of oil.
Truthout: In Wake of Shell’s Gulf Oil Spill, Protesters Demand a Ban on Offshore Drilling
CBS News: Shell Oil Spill Leaks Around 88,000 Gallons Into Gulf
Vice News: In Photos: Shell’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
WWLTV: Update: Coast Guard, Shell continue response to offshore spill
WVUE: Shell, Coast Guard continue oil spill clean up in gulf
WORLD MARITIME NEWS: USCG, Shell Continue Oil Spill Clean Up
NEWS CHANNEL 25: Coast Guard responds to oil spill off Louisiana coast
Skytruth: Oil Spill Response Is  A Joke.
On Wings Of Care: Shell Oil Spill – offshore Gulf of Mexico
Greenpeace: This Is What a 90,000-Gallon Oil Spill Looks Like

Vanishing Earth Video of Shell Oil Leak:

Again, sick of these spills?

Take action here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/689/336/066/

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