Picture This: Rise Up for D12, Paris

Today is being called “D12”. It’s a day when thousands of activists from around the world will gather in the streets of Paris for justice and a healthy, livable planet. Leading up to today, I’ve heard plenty of concerns from people about the strong likelihood of tear gas, pepper spray, flash grenades and arrests. I would be lying if I said that I’m not just a little bit nervous. Okay, maybe a little bit more than just a little bit. But, I will not be deterred. Below, you can see what motivates me. Then, read this OpEd I wrote for The Lens.  I have put on my red colors in coordination with all of the other activists to symbolize the red lines for a just and livable planet, and head over to the Avenue de la Grande Armée. In New Orleans, activists will hit the streets in solidarity with Paris for a Second Line and you can find more information about that here. Every activist that will take to the streets has something that motivates them.

[Credit for some of the photos to the Gulf Restoration Network as I was on staff at GRN when I took many of them. Credit for many of the flights to SouthWings.org.]

Click on photos to enlarge.

Jonathan Henderson is the Founding President of Vanishing Earth.

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